Tips and Thoughts

Be Kind

Some days it takes all your resources to accomplish even small tasks. It happens to everyone so be kind to yourself on those days. Because, they will pass.

Light on the path

Choices in life are like walking through a dark room with a flashlight, you can only see so far ahead. You move toward the light in front of you. Later, in the light of hindsight you may see that another path would have been easier – let it go. You can only go by the light you can see by at the time of decision. That is the path of life.

One at a time

When faced with an overwhelming to do list, step back, take a deep breath. When your mind is calm, look at your list again and start with the time-sensitive matters and do the first one with full focus. Then the next. And so on.


Harmony is being able to live surrounded by what you love and use.  It is being able to feel supported, successful and loved.

Create harmony in your life.  Rediscover our own common sense and learn a simple plan to get organized so you can clear out the clutter and let go of what you don’t want. You will see where you are and have all you need easily accessible to you – to be at peace.

Breaking Up

The idea of sorting through memories and aspirations is overwhelming. Yet, it is important to be able to let go – to break up with the stuff that is weighing you down. Possessions carry heavy emotional baggage and even if they are out of sight, they are not out of mind.   We can only grow in life by letting go of the burdens and life paths we are no longer traveling.

Avoid zig zag organizing

Avoid becoming distracted – use a box or an apron or bag to put things that don’t belong where you are working and then put them where they belong when you are finished with what you are working on.