I’m Melissa Roth, Clarity Coach. My mission is to guide people in releasing emotional burdens and old stories about themselves so they can live their fullest lives with acceptance and joy.

I believe when people are free of mental clutter they become more aware of what will truly fulfill them. My motivation lies in my commitment to help people get unstuck, gain clarity about their priorities, encourage action and provide strategies to achieve their dreams.

Creating Harmony

My Approach

Individual attention and making your life work for your personality and needs is my unwavering purpose.  I want to understand your challenges, desires, and provide realistic steps you can take to reach them. Together we determine what works for you and what doesn’t. I will partner with you in making decisions, offer wise counsel and specific tools for you.  

If you are pursuing personal growth, have had a change in life circumstances, want to overcome procrastination, feel overwhelmed, lost, or simply need some encouragement, contact  me today via phone, email or

Individual Strategies

for your life and work

Achievable Goals

identifying challenges
and priorities

Contented Heart

releasing emotional burdens

My Story


Since I was a child, my talent has been to bring ease and clarity to people in their home, work, and thinking.  I have been a teacher, trainer, professional organizer, and coach for 25 years. I love using practical solutions to bring efficiency and simplicity to every work and personal situation.  I believe clarity brings peace.

My natural curiosity and empathy are a framework in which you may release emotional burdens, expand your creativity, and acquire the tools to address your personal circumstances.

As a teacher, editor, professional organizer, coach, card reader, and Applied Intuition Practitioner for 25 years, I will use hard-won wisdom and experience to counsel you on figuring out what you want to change in your life and how I can help you to do it

The catalyst for starting this business was visiting a friend with a terminal illness. She had been living in the same home for almost 40 years and unable to deal with the clutter. I saw how my skills could help others release emotional burdens, expand their creativity, open their minds to possibilities and give them tools that work for their circumstances.  

It gives me joy and a sense of purpose to help others find the clarity in their lives whether in their thinking or their environment. I am following my calling by helping people move forward in their lives without the material and emotional burdens that hold them back.

In keeping current with methodologies I’ve completed a Life Purpose Life Coach Certification, which will combine seamlessly with card readings to help you regain your footing, increase self awareness, and find direction.

The Lifesongs card deck which I created, as well as the Zen Osho Tarot, Medicine and Inner Child cards can provide a window to your thoughts and feelings to clarify your life choices.